Les pensées improbables

LA PHILOSOPHIE DANS LA PISCINE (Les pensées improbables de Ray Banana)
Pour certains c'est dans le boudoir, pour d'autres dans la piscine

mardi 24 mai 2011

Pidgin English Edition, Part II

Despite the International Edition of this magazine, our English speaking readers could not, until know, read our comics section, which couldn't be translated. 'Les Pensées Improbables' is happy to bring them this translated page. 

Ray must mistake the actor George Clooney for Everett, the character he plays in O Brother, Where Art Thou? To the best of my knowledge, George Clooney, outside the studios, uses no men's pomade, nor what the french call brillantine or gomina.

(Translator's note: This post being already in English, I wonder what the Google translator is going to make of it.)

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